Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Featured Author: Zorha Edwards

Welcome Today's Featured Author
Zorha Edwards!!

Dark Dreams Book 1 in the Dark Lady Saga
By Zorha Redwolf Edwards

Hear the Spirit world speak through the veil and how longing becomes an obsession.
Will this broken soul find peace, or will they forever walk in a state of morbid separation from humanity. Welcome to the world of the Mad….

Dark Desire Book 2 in the Dark Lady Saga
By Zorha Redwolf Edwards
I am a traveler, in the darkest part of my own mind... 
I can see that which travels along. 
The Madness that haunts 
this is a record of my Journey 
This is where Common Human's 
Dare not to tread.... 


Dark Beginnings Book 5 in the Dark Lady Saga
By Zorha Redwolf Edwards

The Indigenous peoples of America’s have a story that is told. The story deals with good and evil, right and wrong and the eternal power struggle that ever Soul deals with. It the story of the White Wolf and the Black Wolf that live in all creatures.
What happens when you feed each of the wolves? The tradition tells us that one becomes dominate and the other become the slave. The stronger is based on how much is feed and the Quality of the food. My Question now becomes, what happens when both of the Wolves are sick and malnourished ? When it’s is not long a matter of good or evil, Right or wrong, but just to survive each day?
Is this the time to walk into the forest and await the Mother to take us to our next life? 
This is a story of the emerging of strength from the soul, when the Wolves needed to be saved, This is Book Five of my Journey....
Welcome to our madness....

About Zorha Edwards:
Hello Ladies and Gentle Sirs, I am Zorha Redwolf Edwards, Poetess and storyteller. I have been writing all my life., With my 6 Children, I went back to college to complete my formal education. I found out that Writing was a passion I could not ignore any longer… Thus began my career as a free lance Journalist. I wrote for the different Universities on scholarly subjects, but I really wanted to be my own boos, decide what was published, my way with my words. Not only do I enjoy writing, I also Do all my graphics, as well as support a number of other author’s, giving back the support  I have received during this Journey.
NowI run a number of Blog’s and Poetry pages, Thus the life of a poet is mine for life!
Welcome to my Madness~ 

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