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Featured Author: Elizabeth Butts

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Elizabeth Butts!!!!

BOOK: Secondhand Purses
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Butts
RELEASE DATE: January 19, 2016

Secondhand Purses is the second book by indie author Elizabeth Butts. It is a follow-up, stand-alone book that revisits characters introduced in her first book, Singleish (published May 2015).
Secondhand Purses is all about Alex, the slightly crazy best friend who has no filter and sometimes is a little hard edged and sarcastic, but with a heart of gold. What happens to a person to make their life take a 180, and change them forever?
Secondhand Purses is based primarily in the New England areas of Providence, RI and Onset, MA. It is a humor based contemporary women’s fiction book that will have you laughing and crying when you are reading it.

Goodreads link for Secondhand Purses: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28395807-secondhand-purses

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One Moment.
Once careless moment that can shred your heart and start building walls brick by brick. 
It just takes one moment to change a person.
Ten years ago, Alex was a cautious teen who didn’t make friends easily. Somehow, miraculously, she found a lifelong friend and mentor. Even more miraculously, she fell in love.
Just when Alex’s world was finally turning into something she loved, her one moment happened. She went from sweet and vulnerable to snarky hard edges.
Everyone has that friend. The one who will tell you what she thinks, even if you don’t want to hear it. The one that would throw herself in front of a train for you once you were ‘in’. The one that hides her pain behind her sarcasm. That friend is Alex.
But when the center of her moment reenters her life suddenly, what is she supposed to do? Will her world implode on itself again? Will she end up in prison for murder? Or will things somehow end up like she’d always wanted? 

What happens when the one person you are trying to forget won’t let you go?

I opened the door and nearly had a 1800s English romance novel level swoon.
I mean, seriously. Dayum.
I had to fight myself not to touch. How had I not noticed until now that Nick had tattoos? So my dream guy from my teen years has the dark Italian looks I seemed to crave, rode a motorcycle and had tattoos? My uterus was practically begging me at this point to just give it up already and make babies with this man. Or at least try to make babies. A freaking lot.
“Hey, Alex? My eyes are up here.”
Nope, pretty sure they weren’t. His teasing voice was trying to break through my thick skull as I salivated over biceps, abs and ink.
I shook my head to get the lust induced fuzz out of it, glared at him, and stepped back.
“Let me just get my purse and a bottle of water. You want one?”
“No thanks. I’ve got one in the truck.”
I turned to walk away and felt his hand wrap against my wrist. I looked down at his hand in shock, the warmth flowing up my arm from where he held on to me.
He pulled me sharply towards, him, so that I ended up falling into him.
“This seems to be our favorite position.” His voice had taken on a deeper, huskier tone. This was dangerous territory. I needed to regain control of the situation, stat. My brain was trying to pull away from him, but I imagined that my girl parts had wrapped my brain in duct tape, put a gag in its mouth and was cheering me on from the sidelines.
I reached a hand to his chest to start to push him away from me. Ugh, he definitely worked out. I looked up to start speaking and was staring up into hot chocolate eyes.
In my defense, I did push him away. A little. He must have felt it, too, because he reached up and wrapped his other hand around mine and held it tighter to his chest.
I couldn’t have torn my eyes from his if you’d paid me a million dollars. Seriously, every cell in my body was frozen in place at this moment.
Nick slowly lowered his head towards mine. My heart was pounding. Oh my God, was I about to have a heart attack? Well, I really didn’t care at this moment, it was a kind of worth dying right now, heart stopping moment.

BOOK: Singleish
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Butts
RELEASE DATE:May 22, 2015

Singleish is the first book by indie author, Elizabeth Butts.
Singleish is all about Ashley, a woman who had gotten comfortable in her perfectly planned out life when it all blows up on her. The love of her life decided he needed a break. Wallowing in self-pity, ice cream and tons of wine; she and her crazy friend concoct a plan to help Ashley get her groove (and maybe her man) back.
Singleish is a very light and easy read, filled with humor that will have you smiling cover to cover. It might get you a little misty eyed here and there, but mostly smiles.

Goodreads link for Singleish: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25538484-singleish#other_reviews
Purchase links for Singleish (on Amazon):

Ashley MacKillop has it all figured out. She has her boyfriend, a house, a good (if not exciting job). Everything is going according to plan, and everything is fitting into the nice, tidy, neat-freak boxes she’s created for herself.
Until he walks away. Until he says he needs a break. Until he says he’s done. But he forgot to break up with her. Was she part of a couple anymore? Was she single?
A red-wine fueled therapy session with her three closest friends has Ashley trying all sorts of things that force her to break out of her comfort zone and figure out who she is when there’s no man involved.
In the end, what defines a woman? Is it the man she’s with? Is it the friends she keeps? Is it the copious amounts of red wine that she consumes? Or is it who she is when no one is watching?
Will she decide she needs a man in her life? Will she even want him back if he were to come back?

Four friends, some wine and a plan. What could possibly go wrong?

Laughing I stood up, and quietly started emptying our cooler. I ran out to the ocean and filled it with the cool water of the Atlantic Ocean. Quietly tiptoeing back, I stood so that I was between my friends. In a quick move I poured the icy water on all three of them, laughing at their shrieks as I threw the cooler away and started running.
I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but I’m pretty sure I heard the word “war”.
As I was running, I managed to run smack into a brick wall. Or, at least that’s what it felt like. When my back hit the sand I hissed, it was unreal how hot white sand could get. I looked, shading my eyes and almost wet myself. I was pretty darned certain that the vision that was before me, reaching out his hand, had posed for Michelangelo and boasted the name of David. It was an hallelujah moment where I swear the angels were singing in the background. Opening my eyes I saw turquoise eyes, blond hair and muscles. Oh, so many muscles. My lady parts started singing the Hallelujah Chorus along with the angels. My lady parts seemed to have a mind of their own these days, and apparently they could sing in harmony. It turned out that I had run into the frat boy volleyball game. Mental happy dance.

Elizabeth Butts is a 38 year old new author who only started writing in January 2015.
She lives in West Wareham, MA with her husband, Mike, and their twelve animals. No, she has never seen the show ‘Hoarders’ and doesn’t understand why people keep asking her that.
She has been an avid reader since the age of three, and her mom always said she expected Beth would write a book.
A little gentle nudging (aka, serious kicking and shoving) from writer A. E. Murphy and Singleish was born.
One year after Singleish was started, Secondhand Purses is being published.
Elizabeth works full time as a Payroll and Benefits Manager for a popular restaurant company in Massachusetts, as well as a part time HR Manager for an Executive Functional Coaching company near Boston. She volunteers at a local animal shelter. 


Goodreads link for Elizabeth Butts: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13984502.Elizabeth_Butts
Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/elizabethbutts
FB Author Page: http://www.facebook.com/ElizabethButtsAuthor
Blog/Website: http://elizabethbuttsauthor.wordpress.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ebutts422