Thursday, November 10, 2022

Excerpt Reveal for My December Balcony Neighbor


(*subject to change after editing)

Once done, I fill my watering can and walk to the balcony to water my winter plants but stop dead in my tracks. I see my balcony neighbor, and he’s so perfect that I have to linger and admire. His curly hair is pulled back and tied up in a bun. His beard is messy and in need of a proper trim. I squint, and yes, the eyebrow piercing is still there, I like his piercings. And his skin—my God—not one scar mars his caramel-colored skin. I take a shaky breath. It’s the first of December, so it’s chilly outside, but my balcony neighbor is shirtless, showcasing the tattoos on his arms. His one hand is holding a mug, and the other one is furiously texting on his phone.

Milo follows me to the balcony and barks as he sees our neighbor. His head snaps up at the sound, and our gazes collide. It’s like the world continues in slow motion, and we take a moment for ourselves, our gazes refusing to part.

Wow, the man has intense eyes. I’m probably looking like a fool, staring at him, but my God, he’s gorgeous. Milo barks again, and I jump, breaking our stare. I give Milo a glare before looking back at my balcony neighbor, who is frowning. The mug and his phone are now resting on the rails. His hands are gripping the balcony rails, and his full attention is on me.

Deep breaths, Robyn.

I get a lot of male attention, but most of them back off when they learn I can't speak, so I take advantage of the time my balcony neighbor has his gaze on me—because a girl has to feel good about having good looks.

My lips spread in a smile, and I lift my free hand to wave at him. One second passes... then two… and three...

And I realize he’s not going to wave back.

Warmth pumps into my face as I lower my hand to my side. Biting the insides of my cheeks, I drop my gaze to my plants and start watering them furiously. I know he hasn’t left, and each second feels like an eternity. I’m tempted to look up, but instead, I scold myself and water the plants as fast as I can.

When I’m done, I give him a sidelong glance, trying not to be obvious. He’s still in the same position, but from the way he’s staring at the watering can, I can tell that his thoughts are elsewhere. I exhale and hurry inside, slamming the door closed and pulling the curtains tight. I press my back to the closed door, blowing a long breath as my hand rests on my frantic heart.


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This Christmas, Aisling Magie brings you a cute, heartwarming novel with a sprinkle of heartache, all wrapped up in tinsel.


Every December, Era rents the apartment opposite mine and stays there until the end of the month. At night, he sits on his balcony rails and plays his guitar, and I curl up in my hanging chair, close my eyes and listen, dreaming about the ‘what-ifs’ of my life. He lures me with his mysterious gaze and captivates me with his music, but we’ve never talked. 


Until one December when I wave at him, and our love story begins. 


But he has secrets. And I have dreams.

He has motives, and I’ve thrown caution to the wind.

He is meant to lose me, and I am destined to hate him.


Because ours is a love story doomed from the very beginning.

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