Thursday, April 2, 2020

Release Blitz for CHILDISH DREAMS By Malorie Verdant

Release Date: April 2

It was just a singing competition, aired to thousands of people live on television. 

It was just a choice. 

One between the boy who has always supported her and the teen rock star who was paid to judge her.

It was just a fantasy world. 

Filled with moments of fear, euphoria and jealousy. 

It was a childish dream. 

One that she was willing to fight for.

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Review by Gia:
I loved this one.  I was hooked from beginning to end.  Billie is a great singer and she's following her dream to become a famous singer by entering into a reality completion,Superstardom.  Billie is such a down to earth girl, I loved her.  At first she doesn't really have the support of her mother to prosue her dream but her best friend, Zach is her support systems and pushes her to follow her dreams.  I liked Zach and felt bad her him at some points.   Jax is one of the judges.  He's a sexy rockstar.  I really liked him.  He has a connection with Billie and I loved to see that connection grow.   We get the POV of all three which was great.  Billie meets Faith during her audition and the become good friends.   I liked Faith but at first I wasn't sure if she was genuine or just getting close to Billie to keep her competition close.   There's friendships tested and romance blossoms but there is also this mystery with Billie getting mystery letters from a stalker.  I had my guessing on who the stalker was but I was totally wrong.  I really enjoyed this one and it's one you should pick up.
5 Stars!

Meet Malorie Verdant
I first started reading romance when I was twelve. 

My mother handed me her copy of Nora Robert's Midnight Bayou and with resignation said, "Here you'll love it, just skip the sex scenes or at least tell me you did."

She knew I was young and she hoped I didn't understand the diverse innuendos, but she also saw early on that I was a hopeless romantic and had a joy and thirst for romance novels that not even she and her protective motherly instincts could stop.

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