Monday, February 5, 2018

Valentines Countdown Blitz Day 7: Gifted by the Moon by Lillith Black

Lillith Black lives in Southern California, where she enjoys sun and warm weather and writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

She loves a good book; her favorite genres are paranormal romance, sci-fi and fairy tales. Her favorite shows include Doctor Who, Stranger Things and X-files. Her favorite book hero is Sherlock Holmes and, when she travels, she spends her evenings in the hotel room binging on Forensic Science.

She is currently working on a vampire romance Love Me or Bite Me.

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He was born to love her, but will she allow herself to be loved? 

Amaris comes from a poor broken family where she was never loved. On the night of her 19th birthday, she meets Gustavo, handsome, eloquent, wealthy. When he tells her that he is destined to love her, she rejects the idea, but the mysterious sparks that fly every time they touch, stop her in her tracks.

Gustavo reveals to Amaris that they both belong to an ancient order of the Moon, and he is born to be only with her, to love and protect her. When she falls violently sick, and only Gustavo knows how to save her, they are forced to travel across the world where Amaris discovers her true self and wakes up the powers that could start a war between two feuding ancient clans.

When the fight breaks out, and Gustavo and others are kidnapped, Amaris has to accept who she is and step into her power to save the ones she loves.

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She chuckled. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're so clever. But honestly, you knew me for less than 48 hours, and you bought me an expensive gift. I know you have money and all that, but it’s just not right.”

“Well, I don’t see what the amount of time I’ve known you has anything to do with helping a young lady in need.”

He bowed theatrically, but his smile faltered when he saw the expression on her face. “I’m not in need,” she bristled. “I don’t know if you took it upon yourself to make me your charity case or something, but I have taken care of myself this whole time, and I can take care of myself still.”

She raised her chin defiantly, but the pained look in his eyes took the wind out of her sails. “You are not my charity case, Amaris!” he cried out, grabbing his head with his hands. “You are my… Ah, damn it!”

He threw his hands up and turned, walking away from her before stopping, resigned. He looked up at the Moon, then his shoulders slumped, and he hung his head down.
Amaris, thrown off by his reaction and especially his words, stared at him, not knowing what to say. After a moment, she leaned the bike on its kick-stand and strolled towards Gustavo. She slowly put her hand on his back.

He spun around and his eyes burned into hers, the electricity sparking. Her breath caught, her hand falling by her side. He raised his hands and took her face gently, his eyes searching hers. “You are not my charity case,” he said, intensity in his voice.
She looked up, afraid to move. “What am I to you, then? Why does this always happen, this spark?”

“This spark means something. I want to tell you so much… what it all means… but I don’t want you to run away.” He closed his eyes and leaned his forehead against hers.

The feelings she never thought would happen now swept through her, making it hard to breathe. The way he held her felt like something she only read about in stories fit for the extraordinary, unique, beautiful women that had it all.

He opened his eyes and leaned his head back. He scanned her facial features, taking her in, and then his eyes stopped on her lips. He leaned in, paused for a moment, and then lightly brushed her lips with his own. She gasped, surprised, but he didn’t relent and planted a soft kiss on her trembling lips.

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