Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Featured Authors: LOVE SABRISTS

Welcome Today's Featured Authors
Love Sabrists!! 

The Sabrists are: Kristine Charles, Melanie Coles, Megan Jane Colville, Rachael Howlett, Tanya Kean, Nardia Sheriff and L. Simpson 


Right-o. Love Sabrists assemble. Thunderbirds are go and we’re visiting the Amazeballs Book Addicts today.
‘Wait,’ Kristine calls. ‘I’ve gotta get my coffee.’
Okay. Everyone waits for Kristine to get her coffee.
Right. So, now you’re all herelet’s talk about how you came to be.
Nardia nods. ‘Sure. So, in August 2015 we all attended the Romance Writers of Australia conference. That year there were 100 first-timers attending the conference but, somehow, we were drawn together—’
Megan interjects. ‘It’s was probably because we’re all a little crazy. Crazy recognises crazy you know.’
‘That’s probably true. Anyway—’ Nardia continues. ‘On the last day of the conference we were all diligent, and went to the Annual General Meeting—’
‘Boring,’ Tanya yawns.
‘Yes, well,’ Nardia shakes her head. ‘We started talking about euphemisms, and purple prose, and all those words that make you squirm when you read them—’
‘Like spunk trumpet,’ says Laura.
‘And zipper sausage,’ says Kristine.
‘And one-eyed trouser snake,’ says Laura.
‘And purple-headed yogurt slinger,’ Nardia says and cracks herself up.
Melanie wrinkles her nose even as she tries to stifle a laugh (as these euphemism battles are not unusual amongst the group). ‘Would you all stop already!’
Also laughing Rachael picks up the explanation. ‘The next year, having learned our lesson, we didn’t attend the AGM, but we did all agree to write a story which included the phrase ‘sheathe your love sabre.’ We were considering self-publishing, but decided to submit it to Boroughs Publishing Group first, to see if they were interested. They were, yay for us, and it comes out on 6 February!’
So, tell us about the stories?
‘Sure,’ Melanie answers. ‘There are seven stories, of course, because there are seven of us. And they range in heat levels from sweet to spicy. The stories are mostly contemporary romance in this anthology but there’s a little myth and magic thrown in too.’
Sounds great. So, tell us a little more about you all.
‘Well,’ Megan begins. ‘We come from three different states in Australia, and when we’re not writing—or, sometimes when we should be writing—we’re on Messenger instead, catching up on events. Work-wise, we’re also across the spectrum, covering government and not-for profits, midwifery, marketing, human resources and legal/banking work. We love travel, food and, most importantly, reading!’
Of course, you love reading. And writing, we hope. What’s next for the Love Sabrists?
‘World Domination,’ Laura announces. ‘Just kidding. Maybe. But, seriously, we’ve decided on the theme for the next Love Sabre anthology which we anticipate will be out sometime in 2019.’
‘But we’re not telling you what it is yet,’ says Kristine. ‘It’s a secret.’
‘In the meantime,’ Tanya continues, ‘we’re all working on our own stuff, polishing off some novel-length manuscripts to pitch, working on some other short or novella length releases, or outlining new books. It’s a pretty exciting year for the Sabrists.’
It looks like it!

If you’d like to chat more with the Sabrists they can be found at:




Seven Aussie authors decided the most purple prose phrase they could think of was, “Sheathe your love sabre.” So, naturally, they agreed to each write a story that included the phrase. From those auspicious beginnings, the Love Sabre anthology was born. From spicy hot to sweet, each Love Sabrist has penned a wonderful, yet very different story guaranteed to make you smile, laugh, gasp, or cry. All of them will make you go, “awww.”

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