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Blog Tour for What Happens in College by Vanessa M. Knight

What Happens in College… by Vanessa M. Knight
(Ritter University #2)
Publication date: August 25th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

One upload. One thousand likes. One lapse in judgment and she lost it all.
Ritter University Novel – Book Two
Egged house, keyed cars, and lawsuits all behind her, Karina Wolfe needs to bury her past deep beneath the skeletons in her closet. No one can ever find out what she did. No one.
Her freshman year at Ritter University is the perfect opportunity to re-invent a better, shinier, more responsible Karina. Her goal? Keep her head down and stay away from the thing that screwed up her life in the first place—guys. It shouldn’t be that hard, in theory. If only Ryan Kent wasn’t so darn gorgeous.
Ryan Kent is the poster child for responsibility. He’s always done what’s expected of him. He didn’t have much choice. But now that his mother’s cancer is under control, he finally feels free. Almost. If he could only convince his dad to trust him to make his own choices, life would be good. If he could get Karina to take a chance on him, life would be perfect.
Ryan doesn’t know what Karina did before they met. Karina doesn’t know how to protect Ryan. When taking chances collide with trust, can what happens in college endure, or will it stay in college?
*Reader Note*
This Ritter University book is part of series of interconnected but stand-alone books.


KARINA SLID INTO the front seat of Ryan’s car, dropping her purse onto the floor. She had ridden in this very seat many times, but this time was different. This time they were alone and on their way to dinner. Together. A date.
Soft music wafted from the speakers as he shut her door and walked around the car to the driver’s side. He got in, his hands sliding familiarly over the leather-covered steering wheel. Given the talent of those lipsshe could only imagine how gifted those hands were.
Yes.” Her attention left his hands and the illicit thoughts that were running rampant in her brain. Bad brain.
Is Italian all right for dinner?” The grin that overtook his face as he watched her eyes struggle to stay on his face was annoying. She could control herself. Her eyes were just taking in the shirt that fit snugly across his broad chest, and the hands… no she wasn’t going there again…and the black wool pants that conformed to his body. Enough. She had control.
Bad brain.
Italian? Okay?”
Oh. Uh, yeah,” she stuttered.
Ryan started the car and navigated the barren Wednesday-night streets toward the restaurant. Winter had crept over the campus when she wasn’t looking, cold wind and frosty rain overtaking the once-bustling sidewalks.
He stopped at a yellow light and leaned over to the passenger side of the car. His seat belt stopped him from getting closer, so she met him half way.
I’ve been waiting for this since Monday.” He leaned in and touched his lips to hers. The soft, sweet kiss sent shivers down her spine.
Green light,” she whispered as she pulled away.
He licked his lips and smiled as he turned back to the road. After a few blocks of Bruno Mars moaning about buying a woman flowers, they came to another red light. Ryan inclined toward Karina again. She couldn’t resist the pull of his mouth to hers.
This kiss was hot, hungry. She felt the strength of his lips all the way down to the nail polish on her toes. His hand found the crook of her neck, his thumb massaging circles at the nape. She pulled back to grasp a piece of air, her eyes opening to green speckles spattered across his face.
Green light.” She fought to say the words with what minimal breath remained in her lungs.
He dropped his head and sighed. The smile he wore earlier was still pasted on his face as he drove the remaining blocks to the restaurant. He pulled into the lot of Casciani's Italian Restaurant and parked the car. She reached for her purse and the handle on the door.
Hold on.” He said as he pulled off his seatbelt and leaned across the front seat. “There’s no green light to save you now.”


I write contemporary romance novels with a dash of suspense. I’m a member of Romance Writers of America and Windy City RWA.

Living in Chicagoland with my husband, son and menagerie of dogs and cats, keeps me on my toes. When not writing or working or playing wife and mom, I love to scrapbook, watch movies and read anything I can find.

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